Love Diagnosis

Book Synopsis

Who have I become? Shakira, Kyla, and Naomi find themselves asking this very question. When three women, living separate lives, are unexpectedly engulfed in drama-filled situations within their relationships, they soon discover that they are displaying symptoms of certain behaviors that are contrary to who they are or want to be. 

Shakira, who vigorously defends the love shared in her relationship, unconsciously acquired a ride or die mentality. Despite the glaring signs of infidelity, she persistently ignores and makes excuses for her fiancé’s questionable behavior. Kyla endured heartache in a previous relationship and has yet to learn how to let go and heal. She inadvertently carries that pain with her, hindering the growth of a new, healthy and happy relationship. Naomi subconsciously believes that if she caters to a man’s every need, whether he is available or not, he will deem her worthy of being in a relationship with. 

Each of these women become so consumed with the fear of losing their relationships that they don’t realize it is themselves that they are, in fact, losing. 

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Book Excerpt




I find myself sitting on the bottom step of another woman’s apartment building… confused. A parade of thoughts drum-line my head as hot tears threaten to streak my caramel skin. I’m waiting…waiting for my man, the center of my life, to walk out of this home that is not ours. Just waiting… for him to leave behind this woman that he said he did not know after she announced that she was carrying his child.

Why on earth am I waiting for him to come out, you may wonder? Well, simply because I know that it can’t be what it seems. I know that my man loves me and only me. He would not intentionally lie to me or betray me in any way. But don’t get me wrong, I am fed up… fed up with groupies throwing themselves at him, the ridiculous drama and unfounded gossip. But I’m the only one that truly knows my man. I’m sure he will set this story straight; just as soon as he comes out of this home that is not ours.



Justin has told me repeatedly that loyalty means everything to him and that he absolutely adores me. He was really starting to convince me, too. Why do the men that come into my life lie and cheat on me? Me? My mind is running a marathon. Not only is he with a woman when he’s supposed to be working but he’s shopping with her… at a jewelry store. I’m tempted to just leave and never answer a call from him again but I think the woman should also know what type of man she is dealing with. I attempt to calm myself and get my emotions in check. I don’t want this man to believe he has gotten the best of me. He has played me like a fool for months and I will not allow another second of foolishness. 

Justin holds the door for the woman as they exit the store. I hop out of my vehicle and head towards her car.

“Hey, Justin.”

“Kyla, baby what are you doing here?”


These dudes just don’t care who they hurt.    

“How did you know I was here?”

“I stopped by your job and I saw you get into her car after turning me down for lunch.” He looked kind of embarrassed for a second as he glanced at the woman that he was with.

“So you followed us here?”

He has the nerve to be questioning me?

“Yes. You’ve obviously being lying to me.”

“I can’t believe you followed me Kyla.”

“You can’t believe me? You know what I have been through Justin and you have the nerve… you know what… I’m not doing this.” I face the woman, who has been quiet this whole time. “I don’t know you but if you are looking for someone to be honest and loyal to you he is definitely not the one. But it’s up to you how you waste your time.”

I turn back to Justin. 

“Lose my number.”

“Wait a minute Kyla, are you serious?” 

Justin grabs my arm as I begin to turn away.

“Don’t touch me.”

The woman finally speaks up. 


I turn to her hoping she doesn’t say anything that will get her punched when I’m trying to be an adult here.

She extends her hand to me. I look down at it, seemingly perplexed.

“Hi. I’m Justin’s sister, Sharice.”

Oh shit. You messed this one up, girl.



My heart was ready to torpedo from my chest as I stared at the tagged post on this timeline. I could barely read it through the tears suddenly backing up in my ducts but I didn’t need to; the picture was enough. I could spot that smile anywhere; the smile that I dream about; the smile that I’m in love with.  

“My bestie said YES! Good job on the ring Clayton :) " 

I read the post over and over again but the words did not change.  And the picture… well … it showed a man on one knee with a ring in his hand and a gorgeous smile on his face. That smile… on the man that I had poured my all into for half a year. Who seems to finally be settling down, just not with me. This can’t be happening…again.


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